Changing the Future for Women in Greater Manchester

We are a charity focused on promoting equality and diversity for the benefit of the community in Greater Manchester. Led by Helen Pankhurst, we are committed to making Greater Manchester a better place for girls and women, in all their diversity, to live, work and prosper.

Our main objectives are:

a) eliminating discrimination on the grounds of sex;

b) advancing the education of the public on the grounds of women and girls’ equality ;

c) conducting or commissioning research on women and girls’ equality issues and publishing the results to the public;

d)facilitating dialogue and creating connections to address the diverse interests of women and girls.

As a region that has always led the way and flown the flag for women’s rights, our first initiative, the Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard will once again see Greater Manchester leading the charge to bring progress and accountability for women’s rights

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