Be Braver Launches Clothing Range: All Proceeds Supporting Women’s Aid Manchester

Br Braver T Shirts

Be Braver Founder, Caroline Pankhurst, and a member of our steering committee, has launched a new range of clothing supporting women and girls in Greater Manchester.

All proceeds from the sale of items will be donated to Manchester Women’s Aid.

Caroline said ‘We all have to ask ourselves what skills, ideas, resources and opportunities we can deploy at this moment in history to benefit others.

I saw an opportunity to bring together the strength and power that women enjoying show to the world in wearing statement T-shirts, with a knowledge that they wear it in solidarity with the vulnerable women and girls that they are supporting at the same time.

It’s another way that I can think of to support vital and underfunded work. I encourage everyone to think what else can I do? What do I have to offer? What ideas are you sitting on that might help someone else’s life?

If you get stuck – you can always buys a t-shirt. For yourself, or even better for a friend. Then you are doing good twice!’

Look good, feel good, do good. It’s a winner!