Leaders in Conversation with Helen Pankhurst & Anni Townend

Deeds, not Words. A conversation with Helen Pankhurst. Insights from a leading women’s rights activist. Convener and Founder Helen Pankhurst spoke to Anni Townend about the importance of Deeds not Words; choosing to challenge, choosing to connect, choosing to dialogue, and joining hand in hand to make a difference together. Listen to the full podcast […]

Look back

A collage of images from our Dialogue event. Most of the images show women speaking.

Dialogue, Deeds, Determination Events: On the 15th of October 2022, we held our second Dialogue, Deeds, Determination Event, in Wigan. We held a number of workshops creating discussion around the progress being made for women and girls and looking forward to what needs to be done in the future. The event brought together women, activists, […]

Suffrage Science Podcast

"It's about going beyond the words to what we do then"

Convener and founder Helen Pankhurst spoke to the Suffrage Science people at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS) about how women are changing science. Presenter Dr Kat Arney speaks to Helen in their first episode, exploring the journeys of women in science reflecting on progress we’ve made and the challenges still to be […]

Help us achieve equality for women in Greater Manchester


We are delighted that the Greater Manchester Combined Authority is establishing a Women and Girls’ Equality Panel. It’s an initiative we have been lobbying for since GM4Women2028 was set up. What will the Panel do? The Panel aims to keep the GMCA focused on enabling women and girls to live their best life in Greater […]

Dialogue Deeds Determination

Dialogue Deeds Determination Event

Come join us on 2nd July 2022 for our 1st summer event! We’ll be marking the anniversary of The Equal Franchise Act of 1928 which granted equal voting rights to women and men. Free tickets are available from Eventbrite. Since 2018, we’ve been revealing the latest scorecard data to see how Greater Manchester is faring […]

Forthcoming Events

  1st March 2022 – All Hands Meeting 15th March 2022 – Online Meeting 5th April 2022 – All Hands Meeting 3rd May 2022 – All Hands Meeting 2nd July 2022 – GM4Women2028 Women’s Workshop   7th July 2022 – All Hands Meeting

Encouraging and retaining women in STEM – an update from the Education action group


Greater Manchester has a very strong history of leading in Engineering and Technology and particularly of producing some of the most notable women experts in these career areas. We are seeing more and more women choosing to study Engineering and Technology…but not in Greater Manchester. We are seeing more and more women choosing to study […]