GM4Women2028 Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard -Deeds, Data and Determination Event Feedback


A big thank you to all those who attended the event on Saturday 6 February and for the fantastic participation of all those involved.

We have collated and analysed feedback from the day and are pleased to share it below.

It’s hugely exciting that there were such a large proportion of those who attended who were new to GM4Women as demonstrated below.


From our survey feedback we were delighted to find that attendees found the day ‘welcoming’, ‘thought-provoking’, ‘informative’ and ‘empowering’.

We also asked that each section of the event was rated with an average of 4.1/5 across the whole event, which is a testament to our brilliant workshops and speakers throughout the day.

The responses below coupled with the 78.1% new attendees shows a fantastic well of enthusiasm and vigour for GM4Women2028 events going forwards – again highly encouraging feedback!


Whilst acknowledging successful elements of the event, however, we do recognise the importance of taking on board ways to improve future events and pieces of work as highlighted by a number of insightful comments:

· “Would like to see speakers represent British Asian in future events…”

· “You could start collecting and analysing your own demographic monitoring data to see who you’re not reaching/including.”

· “this was a missed opportunity to constructively challenge elected officers. Appreciate we need to work with them, but some more room for questions would have improved the event.”

· “I would have preferred more time be given to the group leads – am interested in the data and what’s being collected and why. I wondered whether this is open for change/additions.”

· “Can’t dedicate that much to something that only gives me information and doesn’t allow me to have exchanges and make connections with others.”

We would like to respond to this feedback and say that it is very much valued and listened to as an invaluable tool of evaluation for us.

These key areas will form the basis of our work as we go forward to challenge and change the future for women in Greater Manchester.

We commit to striving to make GM4Women2028 as inclusive and diverse a platform as it rightly should be, as we continue to drive forward change for women’s equality.