“What gets counted, counts”

Joni Seager, Feminist Geographer

Our commitment to promoting equality is fuelled by our unwavering dedication to sharing resources and fostering a culture of continuous learning. On this page, you will find curated research on the current state of gender equality, which has been diligently conducted and published by our members or developed in collaboration with GM4Women2028.


The State of Gender Equality in Greater Manchester: 2023 Report

This GM4Women2028 report is a concise overview of our 2023 Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard and thematic briefs, providing valuable insights into the current state of gender equality in Greater Manchester and the necessary actions for progress.

Revealed at our event on February 6th 2023, the summary highlights five thematic areas: Employment, Safety, Participation, Education, Culture & Active Lives. The report also includes Scorecard indicators that quantitatively track gender equality, along with standout research and discussions from our thematic briefs. Each summary includes Calls to Action, identifying urgent actions needed from policymakers to achieve gender equality in Greater Manchester by 2028.


What Women Want: Capturing experiences and perspectives across Greater Manchester


This report was conducted in September 2022 by researchers Rosalind Shorrocks and Anna Sanders, partnering with the University of Manchester, and the University of York, the focus and themes were co-created with GM4Women2028. This was made a possibility due to the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account funding in 2022 as a section of their research on women’s attitudes and behaviours.

The survey findings underscore the critical importance of considering women’s experiences in shaping policies aimed at protecting and supporting them. The report also emphasizes the urgent need for further research to provide robust data for inclusive policies that represent all women at a national level. This report serves as a compelling call to action for policymakers to prioritize evidence-based approaches that truly reflect the diverse realities and perspectives of women.


Mind The Gap

Getting women’s voices into policy making matters. For far too long there has been a clear gender inequality in the way we determine public policy; one that should no longer apply in modern times. How to gather evidence about inequalities, what techniques and tools will help redress the imbalance and the need for practical guidance for policymakers is what led to this publication. 

On Gender

On Gender takes a gendered lens to devolved policy and puts gender on the agenda.

This publication aims to identify what we know – and what we need to know – about gender inequality in tackling the big policy agendas devolved to Greater Manchester and other areas with devolution deals.