Key Policy Priorities To Support Women Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Need for a Gendered Lens on COVID

We have been compiling information on how women in Greater Manchester are being affected by Covid. We have identified several gendered challenges that will have long lasting impacts on gender equality here in Greater Manchester:

  • With schools and nurseries closed, women are taking on most of the unpaid care and home schooling work, reducing their hours or giving up paid work, turning the clock back on gender equality.

  • Many women are on the frontline, delivering essential services, usually the lowest paid or most insecure work.

  • Many women are trapped in their homes, self-isolating with an abusive partner.

  • Women are also more likely to be caring for older or disabled relatives and neighbours.

Groups of women already disadvantaged by our society are the ones struggling the most.

We need an intersectional lens and approach to the pandemic. We need it now as a matter of urgency.

For full details on our asks to Mayor Andy Burnham please download a copy of our letter here. We encourage you to add your support to our asks as detailed within the letter.

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