Our Strategy 2023-2028 

In 2018 GM4Women established itself as a ten-year-long campaign. 2023 marks the halfway point. This document outlines the strategic vision and objectives which will guide our activity in the second half of the decade, to push for progress in gender equality in Greater Manchester.

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals passionate about seeing change be realised for the women of Manchester.

Why not join us?

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Meet Our Trustees and Committees

We are proud to have a diverse and representative committee of professionals and advisors who help steer the work of our individual committees.

Thematic Group Leads

Employment:  Jill Rubery, Francine Morris

Safety: Dee Sheehan 

Participation: Rosie Shorrocks, Francesca Gains, Barbara Guest,  Nicola Waterworth

Education: Dr. Sarah Mohammad-Qureshi 

Culture & Active Lives: Eve Holt


Oversight Committee

Operations & Communication Representatives