Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard

Our scorecard is named after Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett, two iconic figures who were among the first leaders of the campaign for women’s suffrage.

The scorecard will be used to conduct annual reviews of gender equality data with the goal of achieving equality across all areas by 2028 - the centenary of equal franchise.


Launching on the 6th of February at our online data reveal and celebration: click here for tickets!




"It’s important that we, in Greater Manchester, look at the situation for all women - including BAME women and women marginalised due to faith, sexuality and other differences. From the exercise so far it is clear that we need better data to track not just the experiences of all women but also that we have desegregated data that helps us understand intersectionality and address specific vulnerabilities’. Moreover this exercise also illustrates the necessity in tracking women and especially BAME women in the legal profession and senior decision making process."


Sally Penni

Barrister at Law and Founder of Women in the Law and Business UK