We are a group of individuals passionate about seeing change be realised for the women of Manchester. 
We are seeing more and more individuals pledging their support to our campaign daily.
Over the coming months our strategy for the next 10 years will start to take shape. This will be influenced by the voices, energy, passion and commitment created by the volunteers, pledgers and advocates that work alongside us.

Claire Pattison

Sylvia Pankhurst Gender & Diversity Research Centre

Sam Smethers

Chief Executive

Fawcett Society

Francesca Raine

Fundraising & Development Manager

Pankhurst Trust

Gemma Nash

Artist & Community Co-Investigator

Prof Jill Rubery

University of Manchester & British Academy Fellow

Gail Heath


Pankhurst Trust

Eve Holt


Manchester City Council


Dr Saleema Kauser

University of Manchester

Caroline Pankhurst



Be Braver

Prof Francesca


University of Manchester

Dr Helen Pankhurst


Activist & AuthorCARE & MMU

Reet Dhallu


Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

‘It’s important that we, in Greater Manchester, look at the situation for all women - including
BAME women and women marginalised due to faith, sexuality and other  differences. From
the exercise so far it is clear that we need better data to track not just the experiences of all
women but also that we have desegregated data that helps us understand intersectionality
and address specific vulnerabilities’. Moreover this exercise also illustrates the necessity in
tracking women and especially BAME women in the legal profession and senior decision
making process.

Salli Penni

Barrister at Law and Founder of Women in the Law and Business UK

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